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Services / SIRODHARA

Sirodhara is such a wonderful therapy, which will relax the whole nervous system.  Inthis method 4-5 ltrs of medicated warm oil/milk/takra ( according to the prakriti) pouring continuesly 25-30 mins on forehead without break. When the brain is under stress, cerebral circulation is compromised. As oil is poured on the forehead, the nervous system is deeply stilled. The brain waves slow down and become coherent. Once the brain is quieted, more life energy and oxygen and other nutrients flow more freely to the brain. As a result the nervous system relaxes, benefits are

  • Relieves stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia, get good sleep, good thoughts
  • Improvement in mental & physical strength, improves vigor & vitality& Sexual energy
  • Tridosha balance, Imrpove memory, sense
  • Relax the nervous system, improve vision, smell, taste,hearing
  • Improves the sensitivity of five senses,Improves mental focus and concentration.
  • Decreases hair loss and fatigue
  • Releases negative emotions and thought patterns.
  • Improves sleep, relive from migrain, control hair problem